I KNEW IT! Washing Machines Do Eat Socks!

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VINDICATION!!! Every time you do the laundry and come away missing a few socks, now you know where to look. I know we always said, oh the washer must’ve eaten them! And then sort of laughed because HAHAHA washing machines don’t eat socks! They obviously just disappear into some other dimension, never to be seen again! Well, as it turns out, WASHING MACHINES EAT SOCKS. They really, genuinely eat them! And according to the woman who wrote a post on Bored Panda about it, they eat a bunch of other shit, too.

We aren’t crazy. And there’s not some weird other dimension where socks go to retire, or whatever. Washing machines eat socks. It’s the beginning of the robot overlord takeover.

You guys. Just … look at all those socks. WTF washing machines?? That’s not all that’s in there. Cathy Hinz, the woman who wrote the post. manages properties with her husband. One day, he got tired of fixing the same washer over and over, so he removed the bottom panel. Cathy says when he removed the panel, he found, “Socks, underwear, a credit card… and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine. When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7.00 in change.”

$7.00 in change! Unbelievable. I’ve heard from friends that they’ve found socks in the seal tube doohickey that goes around the inner barrel thingie (all very technical terms, obviously). But this many socks?! And a credit card. These socks were planning something. Oh! And it’s not just washing machines!

The washing machines and the dryers are obviously in cahoots. Stealing socks, money, probably underwear, credit cards. Either these machines have a major design flaw, or these socks know the zombie apocalypse is coming and they’re just getting ready.

So the next time you finish a load of laundry and have leftover socks, you look that washing machine deadass in the eye and tell it to give them back. Good socks are hard to find, we can’t be losing them to some machine’s snack time.

(Image: iStock/Serghei Starus)