The Top 10 Baby Names Of 2012 And The Celebrities Who Probably Inspired Them

r kardashian sisters lunch 121012The top baby names of 2012 have arrived right on schedule and my do we have a lot to work with here. Among the 100 baby names pulled from Nameberry (upon surveying 13 million views of their name pages), the baby name website discerned two strong trends. Old Testament names for boys are back with a vengeance as are Roman and Scandinavian names. “Quirky” and traditional names, like Charlotte or Cora, remain en vogue for girl babies. And apparently Rowan is proving to be very, very popular with babies of both genders — as is Harper, Quinn, Avery, Rory, and August (?).

But among the list is the usual (and as to be expected) array of names plucked straight from pop culture. How else do you explain the sudden rise in the name Katniss? Seraphina? And Isla? Why they’re littering our tabloids every day, jumping out at you at the grocery store line and being frantically mentioned on your favorite websites.

While some are pretty predictable (i.e. a Kardashian has a kid and suddenly the country has a taste for a Grecian goddess named Penelope), others veer from what I expected. But nevertheless, no soon to be parent is an island — especially one who is tossing around hypothetical baby names.


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