Dad Lets Kids Play with Sex Robot, and It’s Weird AF

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A U.K. dad seems surprised to find himself at the center of a bizarre controversy this week after revealing to the world that he lets his small kids play with his lifelike sex robot. Somehow, he thought people would think that was normal and OK. It’s true that sex toys are wonderful, and adults should enjoy whatever consensual, grown-up kinks they like. But sex toys and small children don’t mix.

OK, it’s generally pretty funny if a kid stumbles across a sex toy by accident and innocently does something hilarious with it. The Internet is still laughing at the time a woman’s two-year-old niece found a pink cock ring in her nightstand and wore it as a bracelet. But that was an understandable accident. Nobody thought it was funny when a different mother gave her child a dildo to chew on instead of a teether, and put it on the Internet.

Aaron Lee Wright went on TV to introduce the world to Samantha, his life-sized, brunette sex robot.

According to The Coventry Telegraph, Wright is very interested in sex robots, and he actually co-owns a company that sells them. Robots like Samantha start at around $2,600. Wright probably went on TV to get publicity for his sex robot company, but things got a little weird when he talked about how his sex robot has a “family mode” option. That lets her talk to kids and people without running the risk of her using any of her “adult” noises, comments, or content.

“Samantha has a family mode,” he said. “She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science. She has programmed a thousand jokes, I don’t even know all of them. There’s a lot to Samantha, she’s advanced. My children, they say ‘where is Samantha?’ We brought her in the car. They really enjoyed that.”

That’s a little weird, though. Wright’s 5- and 3-year-old kids are playing with his sex robot like it’s a giant Teddy Ruxpin, but then when they go to bed, he has sex with it.

Maybe just give the kids their own robot.

Kids playing with a life-sized robot is pretty cool. People having sex with life-sized robots is totally fine. But kids playing with the robot dad has sex with is pretty weird.At 5 and 3, Wright’s kids don’t know what Samantha is for, but they’re going to figure it out. That’s going to be a pretty uncomfortable discovery.

When the morning show host asked Wright if his kids would think that was strange someday, to realize they’d been talking about animals with their dad’s sex toy. Wright just said, “I think the world’s changing.”

Wright and his wife both like the sex robot, and that’s great for them. People all over the world have a rainbow of different kinks. If a person wants to have sex with stuffed toys, that’s cool. But it’d be pretty creepy to have sex with your kids’ teddy bear, or to let your kids play with your sex bear. Just don’t mix up the sex plushies toys with the kids’ stuffed animals, and everything is fine.

Wright’s company sells these things. Couldn’t he get the kids a new robot? Like, an unused one? It’d just be a big Barbie doll that talks, and that’d be pretty awesome. And you’d never have to deal with realizing that you spent your childhood having story time with your dad’s sex toy.

Do you think it’s weird to let the kids play with the sex robot? Let us know in the comments.

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