Are You There, Moms? It’s Me, Idiot How Did You Choose Between Breastfeeding And Formula?

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When it comes to the breastfeeding/formula debate, I’m confident that you all made the right choice for your families, because you’re the parent and not me (unless you’re following these recipes). But my question is how did you decide between breastfeeding or formula?

This is one area of parenting that I have given exactly zero thought to, and don’t plan to for a while to come. It seems too specific and was my introduction into the world of nipple butter, so I have been happily staying away from the idea of how to feed my future babies. Honestly, thinking about logistics like this makes the whole parenting thing seem way too close, and I’m just not ready. I figure at some point or another, I’ll dive into some research about this, but in the meantime, I want to know what you guys think, since I trust you all a lot more than the rest of the Internet, anyways.

I don’t particularly understand why (blame my youthful naiveté), but the formula/breastfeeding debate seems to be a rage filled one. I thought it was a personal choice made by each mother, but of course, anything relating to a woman’s body and lifestyle is open to scrutiny. I also know that for some mothers, it’s hardly as easy as choosing between the two. Some mothers can’t breast feed even if they want to for whatever reason, so I know that some parents end up with a situation they didn’t plan on.

So I want to know what plan you used to feed your baby/toddler/eight-year-old, and how you came to that conclusion. Did you take into account how you were fed as a child, or do you prefer not to think about the mechanics of it (you and me both, friend)? Would you do it the same way over again, or did you switch it up for your next kid? Lay it on me.

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