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People Who Don’t Believe In Formula Are Dumb

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shutterstock_131670062Let me start out by saying that every mother has the right to feed her baby how she wants to. I’ll say it once again just for good measure: It’s not my business how other mothers feed their babies.

But once mothers cross these lines and make feeding preferences their business, you can believe that feathers will be ruffled. This is the stuff mommy wars are made of. By making a brazen proclamation—like saying you don’t believe in formula, for example—you are drawing a very firm line in the sand that did not need to be drawn.

There are some mothers who may exclusively breast-feed for months or years, and more power to them. Women who exclusively breast-feed may be able to keep up their supply and not use even a drop of formula. I don’t care about that at all. I breast-fed, and I also formula fed when I got tired of squeezing my udders for hungry baby mouths.

Then, there are moms who choose to formula feed as a supplement or from birth. That is a fine decision as well, and I don’t care much either. What I do care about is when mothers say grandiose statements like, “I don’t believe in formula,” or downright rude statements like, “I would never feed my baby poison.”

You think I’m joking? Unfortunately, I am not:

I explained how I WANTED to breastfeed very badly, and how bummed I was at first about not being able to do it. (I cried ALOT at the time) but now Im happy with my choice to FF, because now my baby is finally gaining weight and happy…so I told her I felt it was best for me.  She looked at me like I has sooo horrible and just said “well…I dont believe in formula feeding” then went on to tell me how horrible it is to give babies “that stuff”. 

Formula is terrible you might as well feed your baby rat poison it is quicker death.formula makes for fat children.Soy formula makes baby boys have man boobs and their ball won’t drop and small penis.Take back your children and give them breast it is best,the government by giving fremm formula is killing our children.

Breast is best.Jesus was breast fed as lillyPearl stated.

Anyone who would give their child formula out of a plastic bottle should not reproduce.plastic bottles terrible and that nurshery water with flouride is a death sentence.get off your lazy aszes and give breast or sterilize your medicaide self.

It horrifies me what is in infant formula.  Out of interest I also had a browse on the labels recently in the supermarket.  It makes me even more pleased that I breastfed my children for a substantial time.  

Well. I don’t even know how to tackle this because some of these people are… How shall I put it lightly… INSANE? It is way beyond an overreaction to call formula rat poison. Even when a small minority of mothers outright bash formula, it is equally disheartening to hear women smugly brag about breast-feeding exclusively with anti-formula undertones.

The bottom line is this: Every mother has a right to feed her child how she wants to, as long as it is nutritionally sufficient. Moms shouldn’t be judged for their decision, whether they formula feed or breast-feed.

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