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10 DIY Formula Recipes That Are Not Doctor Approved

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DIY always sound like such a cool idea, especially with the Pinterest culture perpetuated in the mom world today. You can DIY baby food, baby booties, and toddler projects, so why not baby formula? Well, first, I would say that this is the perfect opportunity to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It may seem like a wonderful idea to save a load of cash and make your own formula if you’re done breastfeeding or have chosen not to breastfeed. Or, maybe you’re like some of the fancy celebrities out there and choose to make your own formula for health reasons. Again, this may seem like a great idea “in theory,” but this is not a road you want to go alone.

Before you start mixing raw goat milk with barley water, it’s important to consult your pediatrician and do your research. It’s always a mother’s right to choose how to feed her baby, but most often, that distinction falls between breast milk and FDA approved formula. There was even one complicated case where CPS was called on a young mother who fed her baby homemade goat’s milk formula without doctor’s approval, though there is likely more to the story.

The reason DIY formula is such a tricky topic is because a baby’s life depends on it. Many women may believe Breast Is Best, but you can’t argue that commercial formula comes in a close second. DIY formula falls into uncharted territories. Some of these recipes may be highly nutritious, but it is important not to make baby formula without consulting your pediatrician first:

1. Scientology Formula: 


Katie Holmes reportedly fed Suri DIY Scientology formula made from milk, barley water, and corn syrup…based only on the advice from Scientology literature.

2. Homemade Milk Based Baby Formula


While most of these ingredients are beneficial, raw milk must be obtained from a reputable source. Depending on the source, raw milk could leave you open to contamination; please consult with a pediatrician before use.

3. Facebook Baby Formula Recipe


This recipe is intended for emergency use, though evaporated milk is hardly the best choice for a newborn baby. Karo syrup is often rumored to be a baby constipation remedy that should be used under a doctor’s care.

4. Goat’s Milk And Carrot Juice Baby Formula


At face value, the recipe looks to be nutritionally deficient. The recipe has secondhand backing from a pediatrician, though there is no confirmed medical recommendation.

5. Emergency Baby Formula 


This “emergency” baby formula doesn’t look like it will hold up as even a last resort option; it’s chock full of refined sugar. Might as well give your kid a candy bar when they cut their first teeth.

6. Homemade Meat-Based Baby Formula


Before giving a newborn any type of meat product with the potential to congeal, have a heart-to-heart with your pediatrician first. This recipe also does not have any type of official doctor’s recommendation.

7. Homemade Raw Milk Baby Formula


This is another raw milk recipe with the potential for contamination. It is modified from the much-respected Weston A. Price Foundation formula recipe, but nonetheless, do not attempt without the guidance of a pediatrician.

8. Hypoallergenic Baby Formula


While this recipe looks mighty nutritious, it’s best to talk with your pediatrician before feeding an infant meat product, whey, and meat stock. This recipe also does not have an official doctor’s recommendation.

9. Amazing Homemade Baby Formula


There’s no telling if this recipe will provide enough nutrition for a baby. The recipe also advises to talk with your pediatrician, especially if your baby is under six months.

10. Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula


This recipe looks like the real deal at first glance, in comparison to breast milk. However, talking to a doctor is the only way to confirm its nutritional value.

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