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No One Cares About Your Fetus Enough To Attend A Baby Naming Party

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It really takes a huge burden off parenting when you come to the realization that no one loves your baby as much as you and your spouse do. In a close second are grandparents… and maybe a handful of other well-meaning relatives.

Social media has proven time and again that no one really gives a crap about your baby. We all have friends who have become parents that we now love to hate. Still, I try to remain compassionate about how friends with kids behave on social media because I truly understand what it feels like to have children who are the center of your universe. I think everything my sons do is utterly amazing. I sometimes have to physically slap myself on the hand to stop from posting a picture of them drinking out of the garden hose for the tenth time. (It really is so CUTE.)

So, it is perfectly natural as a new parent to want to celebrate everything related to your little bundle of joy. But sometimes it helps to step outside of yourself or ask a trusted friend for guidance if you think you may be pushing your baby-related festivities a little too far.

As any parent knows by now, if you have a baby, you’re going to have a baby shower. But wait – there’s more. On top of the typical baby shower, you may also have a slew of baby parties, if you can get away with it: Pee Stick Party, Gender Reveal Party, or a Baby Naming Party.

In some cases, a baby naming ceremony may be religious and totally understandable. In other cases, it’s just one more excuse to bask in all the new baby glory, according to Internet forums: 

We already knew what we wanted, but a few ideas… we chose life guides (instead of god parents) and gave them both the option of saying a poem or a few of their own words. We had a book for everyone to sign and write a few words in to give to the boys when they are older. We had the ceremony mid afternoon so didn’t do a huge buffet but had tea and scones and a cake (with the obvious choice of champagne if one felt so inclined!!) 

Were having a naming ceremony but just all family about 50 people (aahh) making it into a garden party. This will be dead informal withme conducting it hopefully i wont cry!!!! 

So far I have only ideas, nothing concrete. I’m hoping to do it for Aidan’s first birthday, and invite family and close friends to the party and incorporating the naming ceremony into that – kind of like a celebration of Aidan’s first year with us, and a celebration of what is to come. I’m going to put together a birthday book for him, and write about his firsts and also include spaces for people’s autographs etc. 

I’m on the fence with this one because it seems like many parents opt to have a baby naming ceremony instead of a religious ceremony, like a christening. So, if the circumstances are right, one more party could make sense. Combining a baby naming ceremony with a birthday party, as in the example above, is a polite way to kill two birds with one stone. But on the off chance that a baby naming party is just one more ridiculous stunt for a tiny newborn, count me out.