STFU Parents: Parent Parking Spaces: To Park Or Not To Park?

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A few days ago, the very popular secret-exposing website PostSecret posted a round-up of ‘Classic Secrets.’ The whole point of PostSecret is that it’s a judgment-free zone where strangers’ anonymous secrets, sent in to the web owner Frank Warren, are posted on Sundays without comment. Sometimes the revelations come off as being completely amoral, and yet, we must also remember, entirely human. Other times, secrets are nothing more than amusing proclamations written by people who just want to whisper something brief to millions of people on the internet. Oftentimes, round-ups will be a mix of both, and in last Sunday’s PostSecret “drop,” the collection included this:

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The question of whether to adhere to parking signs that declare certain spaces are reserved for either expectant mothers or simply “parent and child” has long been a discussion topic on STFU, Parents, and in society in general. There are are so many facets to this discussion, you could probably fill every space in a parking lot with a person who has a different point or opinion. First and foremost, in the U.S. it is not illegal to park in these spaces if you don’t have a child, as opposed to parking in spaces that are reserved for people with a disability, which IS illegal. Most people remember a time — decades, in fact! — that the courtesy parent parking spaces didn’t even exist. Parents of an older generation will tell younger parents to stop being so precious, to park farther away from the store entrance if they must, and to generally stop acting so entitled about something as absurd as parking. (Perhaps the definition of “first world problems.”)

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