Not-Pregnant Husband Photobombs Pregnant Wife’s Maternity Photo With Hilarious Results

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Husband Photobombs Pregnant WifeI usually hate belly bump photos but even I have to admit this is pretty hilarious. Laura Morgan, an expectant mom from Kansas City, wanted a keepsake of her growing baby bump so her and her husband Aaron hired Ashley Hempel photography to snap some lovely mom-to-be pics, and it wasn’t until Laura heard Ashley laughing that she realized her husband may have been showing off his own “baby bump” in the background. According to Fox4KC:

“Well I do have a slight beer belly, so I was showing it off because well she got to show off her belly so I figured I’d get to show mine off too,” Aaron said.

In the picture posted to Facebook, Laura is in the forefront, embracing her growing belly like many pregnant women do. Behind her, Aaron is doing the same albeit with his belly.

Laura had no idea what Aaron was doing behind her until her photographer started laughing — uncontrollably.

“I was like, ‘What is going on?’” Laura said. “And when I turned around it was my husband doing silly poses.”


The couple is 8 months pregnant and already have a name picked out for their new addition: Molly Grace. Awwww. Here’s wishing them all the best and I  would also like to congratulate Aaron on his beer baby because being an expectant dad is hard and he has done a great job with doing his part. The best part about all of this, is that you can tell this couple are really fun parents and I think it’s pretty adorable considering how many baby bump pics are just plain hokey looking. I am sure Ashley is going to have to deal with plenty of other dads who want to try and copy this pose in her future photo sessions.

Great job to all of this group!

(Photo: Ashley Hempel Photography – Facebook)