This Mom Made a Fake Instagram Account Just to Troll Her Teenage Daughter, and It’s Hilarious

Teenagers are ridiculous, and parents are embarrassing. It’s just a universal truth that will hold for all time. And nothing encapsulates that truth quite like this mom who made a whole fake Instagram account to troll her teenage daughter.

According to Buzzfeed, 17-year-old Faith Creech has an Instagram. Her Instagram account bears a strong resemblance to the Instagrams of many other teenage girls. It looks a lot like a million other Instagram accounts.

mom trolls instagram
Image: Twitter/Faithh_creech

In fact, it looks a whole lot like this Instagram account in particular:

mom trolls instagram

And that’s because this Instagram account, MomLife4Realz, is a fake Instagram account Faith’s mother set up just to mess with her.

Yvette Creech signed up for Instagram and spent about two hours recreating all her daughter’s selfies, captions, and group photos. Then she posted it to Instagram and signed up to follow Faith on the social media site.

As soon as Faith saw the new follower, she looked to see who it was and recognized the joke immediately.

The teen took screenshots and went to Twitter to tell everyone about her mom’s joke.

“My mom literally made an Instagram to mock my Instagram,” she said.

All of Faith’s friends love this.

Faith’s announcement has been shared more than 80 times, and everyone thinks Yvette is hilarious. Even Faith thinks it’s funny.

“My mom and I are really close and we joke around a lot together,” she told Buzzfeed.

But of course, Yvette didn’t do this alone. She had help. Anyone with a sibling can probably guess what is going on here: Faith has a sister named Colette. And Colette aided and abetted this whole endeavor. You can see her peeking out from behind Yvette’s head, playing Faith’s friends in the recreations of her group photos.

That is some Littlefinger-esque trolling, Colette. Bravo. It’s one thing to tease  your sister on social media. Helping your mom arrange an elaborate fake Instagram account just to tease your sister is another level completely.

The wildest thing about it is that MomLife4Realz now has 2,600 followers. It was only originally intended to have the one, Faith, but now everyone wants to watch. Yvette told Buzzfeed it was an “ongoing project.” We’ll just have to wait and see what she has in store. I’ll be taking notes.

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(Image: Instagram / MomLife4Realz)

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