Internet Schooled a Conservative Blogger Who Tweeted About Gender Roles During Hurricane Harvey

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The images coming out of Texas after the wrath of Hurricane Harvey have been nothing short of horrific. But amidst the devastation, photos of heroism have shown us the best of humanity. For some reason, Internet douchebag Matt Walsh decided to turn an amazing image of a woman and child being rescued into a misguided proclamation on gender roles.

The photo, pictured above, shows SWAT team officer Daryl Hudeck carrying a woman and her young child to safety. It’s a gripping, moving photo that was captured by photographer David Phillip.  “I was just keeping an eye out and as soon as I saw the SWAT team member carrying her and then seeing the baby, I just couldn’t believe that baby was wrapped up in there and not crying,” Phillip told the Associated Press.

Normal people react to this image with awe and appreciation for first responders. But not Matt Walsh!

Nope, he had to go and be an asshole.

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