Ivanka Trump Tweets Photo of ‘Thank You’ Cards, Twitter Has Questions

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In trying to make herself look better/loved, Ivanka Trump tweeted a picture of thank you notes she received. But Twitter users wanted to know what exactly she does to deserve thanks. “Overjoyed by these beautiful letters.” She tweeted. No one is really sure what Ivanka Trump’s position as White House advisor really entails. While she has what seems like unlimited access, she doesn’t seem to do much with that access. For someone who claims to “have her father’s ear,” she seemingly hasn’t used her influence. Sometimes, it seems that the things she speaks about are total contradictions to the policies her father enacts.

So, it’s understandable that people are going to have questions for Ivanka Trump.

So, with the thank you notes, people definitely had questions. All of the thank you notes appear to be from children, which is endearing, if not a little confusing. Why do a bunch of young children even know who Ivanka Trump is? Realistically, this is the parents having them send her messages, because she is not someone that a young child would know. One could say that maybe they were from her children’s classmates or something and maybe she had done some volunteering in the classroom? But based on the fact that the entire family just does things for attention, she probably would have mentioned that.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter weren’t falling for it.

“Your dad’s handwriting has improved greatly!” reads one tweet. Another says what many were thinking “Why would anybody, especially children, send thank you letters to Ivanka Trump?” Because again, she has contributed nothing to the national conversation. And she surely doesn’t seem to be an advocate for anything to do with children. So what’s with the “I love you” messages and the million hearts? Seriously, almost every card in the picture is covered in hearts. It seems a little suspect honestly. Why do these kids love her so much? Or, were they forced to do this as some sort of class project? That seems even more upsetting.

While many users commented on the general weirdness of it all, some focused on one particular card. There were a lot of cards with smiley faces, but one of the smileys had dollar signs for eyes. That is NOT a particularly common smiley face for young children. So, is it a nod to her father’s capitalistic greed? Or to the fact that her and her husband promote their richness and life of luxury? “Dollar Signs for Eyeballs=The Trumping Down of America. First Family used to teach children to value respect & compassion over pure greed.”

No matter what the motivation, the whole thing seems super suspect. Nice try though!

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(Image: Twitter / @IvankaTrump)