The 10 Most Overrated Halloween Costumes This Year

Every Halloween, certain pop culture moments are captured as costumes on every.single.person. 2008-2009 saw a billion Lady Gagas roaming the streets, while an army of Psys took over in 2012. Let us not forget the greatest overdone outfit of all time: Khaleesi, mother of dragons and unoriginal Halloween costumes. (Please, whatever you do, don’t dress as Khaleesi.) Here are 10 of this year’s most overrated costume picks, which I beg you to please avoid at all costs. (But in case you can’t resist, I’ve provided you links so you can buy them. *side eyes you*). I’m looking at you over there, person holding that Elsa wig.

1. Anything from Frozen. Elsa, Anna, Hans, Olaf, Sven, one of those creepy rock trolls, a snowflake, a carrot – if it appeared in Frozen for more than a second, don’t do it. (Kids are exempt from this rule because we all know there is no stopping them, and we all have at least one Elsa in the family this Halloween, right?)


2. Speaking of: don’t go as an ice bucket. Take the money you were going to spend on that costume and donate to the ALS Foundation instead.


3. That weird raccoon thing from Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t dress up as something that eats my trash at night while I’m trying to watch Scandal.


4. Olivia Pope. It’s too easy: white coat, red wine, tears. Be more creative, gladiators!


5. Don’t think I’ve let you Guardians of the Galaxy fans of the hook yet. Groot is also a no-no. Yesssssss, that includes Baby Groot! Don’t try to be sneak that one by me.


6. Ariana Grande. This year’s version of the Miley Cyrus, just much more boring and with bigger hair. Pass-oh-oh-oooooooooh!


7. Joan Rivers. Yes, it is too soon.


8. Really? You’re going to dress as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, AKA my exact Halloween costume from 1989? I can’t with you, duuuuuuude.


9. No Avengers, X-Men, or anything else you can just wear at Comic-Con any ol’ time.


10. The cast of Orange Is The New Black. Throwing on an orange jumpsuit and Keds is just too easy. (Never forget: Julianne Hough‘s terrible blackface moment from last year.)


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