Twitter Is Not Having This Totally Sexist Ad for Kid’s Urinals

In case you haven’t heard, gender is a totally boring, outdated social construct, and forcing it down our children’s throats is entirely passe. Yet many companies are still having trouble grasping this concept like the one that made this ad for kid’s urinal. You still see marketing campaigns that try to push dolls on girls and cars on boys, not realizing that they could totally be doubling their client base by advertising to all kids. You see it all the time, on TV, in magazines and catalogs, even in toy store. Take, for example, this totally sexist ad for kid’s urinals that twitter is having a field day with. It’s equal parts creepy and misogynistic.

It all started when Twitter user @samchaplin (a.k.a. “Sammy”) posted the following image of an ad for boy’s urinals. Now, there’s nothing technically wrong with the urinals, although these are kind of nightmare inducing if you ask me. But there is something wrong with the ad copy used for said image.

Take a look at the ad for kid’s urinal:

“Grow your boy to be a men!” the image says up top, followed by, “don’t let your boy pee like a girl!” Uhm. Excuse me?

Yeah, first off, let’s address the more obvious issue here: grammar. “Grow your boy to be a men?” Alright…how exactly does one “grow” a child to be multiple men? Perhaps they meant raise your child to BE a man? But even then, this is ridiculous. Not everyone with a penis is a man, and not everyone with a penis wants to fit into some kind of stereotype.

Fortunately, many Twitter users feel the same way.


Like Maggie, who recognizes that yes, many of us would be totally fine if everyone would sit on the toilet if it meant cleaner bathrooms:

Others related it to the current pseudo-political climate

Those who work-out also found some humor in it

Someone tried to figure out if this whole thing was even legit (it seems that it is, albeit highly confusing)

Would you buy this for your kid? Maybe if the ad copy wasn’t so clearly sexist? Let us know in the comments!

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(Image: Twitter / @samchaplin)

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