These Pimple Popping Fingernails Are Grotesque, but Weirdly Satisfying

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If you need to ruin someone’s day, send them this DIY tutorial for pimple popping fingernail art. It’s grotesque. It’s gooey. This might finally be the manicure that has ruined nail art forever. It takes a lot of work to make something this intricate. The nail artist is a genius, but an evil one.

British beauty blogger and nail artist Natasha Lee gave her nails a serious case of acne. Not only do her nails look like they’re covered in gleaming cysts, the pustules actually pop.

Lee starts out with a clear base coat and a layer of neutral colored nail polish in about the same shade as her skin tone. Then she adds dollops of clear nail-strengthening coat in little bubbles to create that 3-D effect. Another coat of the neutral polish makes it look like she has raised bumps on her nails, but everything is still OK.

Next, however, she adds some pink polish over the bumps to make them look inflamed. A bit of yellow polish on top makes them look like gleaming, puss-filled, about-to-burst cysts.

This pimple-popping nail art is about to get a whole lot grosser.

As if that were not enough on its own, Lee actually built in a special-effects nail with a poppable cyst, just to turn everyone’s stomachs.

For that nail, Lee did the base coat and the neutral polish, then she added a small blob of banana hand cream, then sealed that in place by covering it with the nail strengthening coat. After that she applies another neutral coat, and proceeds as before. Once that nail is dry, Lee can press on it, and the banana hand cream comes oozing out. It looks exactly like a popping pimple.


This is so gross! And also brilliant. But mostly it’s gross, and that’s all thanks to Lee’s extreme nail art skills and healthy desire to squick out the entire Internet.

If you want to do it yourself, Lee estimates it would take about 30 to 50 minutes for the whole manicure.

What do you think, would you ever try pimple popping nail art? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: YouTube/Natasha Lee)