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Boob Nails Are the New Manicure Trend Making Everyone’s Hands NSFW

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Finally there’s a new manicure trend for breast-feeding lactivists, Free the Nipple advocates, and nail art aficionados. “Boob nails” put tiny little breasts on the tips of your fingers, and they’re perfect for people who want to make a big impact and confuse their baristas.

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According to Cafe Mom, boob nails have been going around for almost a year now. Some of them have breasts drawn on the nail, and some actually put a little three-dimensional breast right on the nail surface.

This one was designed for breast cancer awareness. It’s pretty amazing.

The nail art prowess involved in boob nails is amazing.

Some of them are very technically impressive. This set even includes tiny nail piercings.

This set would probably be popular with corset-makers. (Though a lot of corset-makers have a difficult time keeping their nails nice what with all the sewing and bone-cutting and grommet-setting that’s involved in making corsets.)

Sometimes they’re about breastfeeding.

If you want to demystify breasts, wearing them on the tips of your fingers is a good way to start.

Sometimes they’re pretty sexy.

These can be pretty shocking, depending on what you’re doing with your hand.

And these look like something out of a cartoon.

These might not be for everybody, but it’s pretty impressive that a person can make a tiny breast on a fingernail. I still can’t even paint my own right hand properly.

Boob nails are the NSFW new nail art trend for breastfeeding lactivists, breast cancer survivors, and free the nipple advocates alike. What do you think, would you ever sport a set of boob nails? And if so, how on Earth would you manage to apply the tiny little nipple rings to the breasts on your off-hand?

What would you think if you saw a set of boob nails in real life? Let us know in the comments.

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