Woman Creates Ridiculous Sexy Halloween Costumes That Are Absurdly Funny

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Halloween is just a few days away, and if you haven’t picked out your costume yet, it’s crunch time! For women, the last-minute costume shopping is made even more difficult by having to wade through 1928464 sexy costumes. You think to yourself, hey maybe I’ll go as a mummy. But every mummy you find is sheer or a body-hugging catsuit. Why is it like this?! One woman called out ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes by designing some of the silliest sexy costumes we’ve ever seen.

All we can do is laugh at this point.

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Twitter user @SummerRay created some ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes and shared them on Twitter. The really sad thing is, you almost can’t tell they’re a joke.

ridiculous sexy halloween costumes

Image: Twitter/@summerRay

All it takes to end racism and police brutality is a Pepsi, right? A Pepsi and really nice legs.


ridiculous sexy halloween costumes

Image: Twitter/@SummerRay

We imagine this ridiculous sexy Halloween costume will be VERY popular this year.

ridiculous sexy halloween costumes

Image: Twitter/@SummerRay

Sexy and IT: not things you hear used together very often!

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