‘Two More Minutes’ & Other Lessons My Daughter Uses Against Me

You never realize the consquences of a simple phrase. “You have two more minutes in the tub,” I used to tell my daughter when I needed her to finish up. Now, every time I ask her to stop doing something, she says, “Two more minutes, mom.” Literally, every time.

It seems like every day, my daughter picks a new lesson to throw right back in my face. This morning, after a rough night of sleep, I had to apologize for being grumpy. Because as I’ve told my daughter time and time again, “Sleepiness is not an excuse to behave badly”. Hearing her tell me this as I stumbled around the kitchen trying to make her breakfast, spilling cereal and running into the counter, was the most infuriatingly adorable experience of my life.

We know not to curse or use bad words in front of our kids. Sure, sometimes we slip up and then we’re left in anticipated dread everytime we take our kids to the grocery store. Why do they always remember those words at the grocery store? But even worse than repeating a swear word, I regret teaching my daughter some simple phrases that have started to drive me crazy. “Two more minutes” was really just the beginning.

Here are some more of my most regretable gems that some of my mom-friends and I have compiled.


(Photo: Cheezburger

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