12 Bad Halloween Costumes for Kids to Avoid at All Costs

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Ah, Halloween. One of our favorite holidays! We love the decor, the candy, and especially the costumes. Halloween is typically a holiday centered around kids, and a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into getting their kids’ costumes just right. Still, somehow, every year brings a new crop of bad Halloween costumes for kids. And they seem to get worse! This year, as you’re planning your kids’ costumes, try to avoid being one of these people. The 12 bad Halloween costumes for kids on this list should be avoided at all costs.

Borderline Bad Halloween Costumes for Kids: Holly Golightly

Listen, we love Breakfast at Tiffany’s as much as the next person. And Holly Golightly is an iconic character! But it doesn’t change the fact that she was kind of an escort. 

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