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The 10 Most Terrifying Halloween Pumpkins On Pinterest

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Feel like veering away from the traditional jack o’lantern this Halloween? Wanna try carving a pumpkin that lives only in my darkest nightmares and will haunt the dreams of neighborhood trick-or-treaters for years to come? Then you’ll love these terrifying Halloween pumpkins! Check out these downright terrifying pumpkin designs I dug up on Pinterest. Sure, you’ll be forever known on your block as “that scary house where they get wayyyyy too into things” but that’s a lot better than being boring, right?

1. The Bloody Eyeball, because terrifying Halloween pumpkins see all

terrifying halloween pumpkins (via)

This is eerily similar to what I look like when I sleep in my contacts. Also: NOPE.

2. Space Monster

terrifying halloween pumpkins


I want to admire this person’s silver spray-painting skills but I can’t because what in the ever loving f*ck is this?!?! *shudders, googles pictures of kittens*

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