Marijuana-Induced Orgasms Are a Thing and Sound Dreadful, TBH

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A 40-year old woman in the Netherlands found herself in an interesting predicament after she smoked pot and had sex. The woman sought medical treatment after a night of sex and drugs led to 5 weeks of marijuana-induced orgasms.

5 WEEKS of marijuana-induced orgasms. No words.

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The woman, referred to as “Mrs. A” said she smoked weed and then had a night of “hard pounding sexual activity”. Afterward, she began experiencing random orgasms without any sexual stimulation. She said they usually occurred when she lying down, and got more intense over time.

Mrs. A feared she had something called “Restless Genital Syndrome“. But a psychiatrist she saw didn’t believe she met the criteria.

Marcel Waldinger said he believed the problem stemmed from that night of weed and sex. Waldinger told the IBTimes UK, “She said she continued to use cannabis alone and without having sex. Even after several weeks, only a small amount of cannabis induced spontaneous orgasm. When she took higher doses, she got spontaneous orgasms that she ‘couldn’t handle’ any more.”

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The doctor said that a nerve was probably overstimulated from prolonged sex. The weed just made it worse.

The case is believed to be the first connecting marijuana use with spontaneous and prolonged orgasms. Authors of the study say,”This is not only important for physicians but also for highly exposed subjects like those active in the sex industry.” The implications are interesting. Says Dr. Waldinger, “What part of cannabis is inducing sexual pleasure and function, and what part is inhibiting it? It is fascinating to know that there is a drug that has a specific effect on orgasm.” Yes, so fascinating.

The woman in the Netherlands isn’t as fascinated, we’re guessing. Here’s hoping her nethers have calmed down a bit.

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