Move Over Wine Moms, Moms Are Smoking More Marijuana Than Ever

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of a mom unwinding every night with a glass of wine, but a new study shows that more and more moms are reaching for the pipe, not the bottle. Marijuana is rapidly becoming the go-to for parents looking to relax after a long day, and moms are leading the way.

Eaze, a medical marijuana delivery service, asked more than 10,000 California-based marijuana users a series of 32 questions, and the results are fascinating. Two of the most striking stats? Fifty-one percent of marijuana users have college degrees or higher (compared with the California average of  39%), and a whopping 91% are employed full-time. That definitely flies in the face of the “dumb, lazy stoner” cliche!

Most interestingly, one in five respondents to the survey is a parent, and with 32% of the people Eaze surveyed identifying as women, it’s safe to assume that many of them are moms.  Of the parents surveyed, 63% said they use marijuana products daily.

SheenaShivari, head of PR forEaze, thinks it makes sense. “It’s not surprising to think that parents are using cannabis every day,” she tells Refinery29. “Think about how often a mom reaches for glass of wine or takes Tylenol or pain killer for a headache or back pain.” She also noted that women are using cannabis products differently than men by including it in their health and wellness routines. “They use lower-dose edibles or CBD products (CBD does not have psychoactive effects) 42% more than men do. They’re also using it to replace potentially more harmful habits, like a form of harm reduction ”” parents are more than 50 percent likely to replace drinking alcohol with consuming marijuana and 26% more likely to replace opiates than non-parents.”


Alcohol consumption is definitely being impacted by marijuana use. According to the results, “4 out of 5 people (87%) have reduced their drinking because of their cannabis use, with as many as 1 in 10 (13%) replacing alcohol with cannabis entirely. We’ve also found the vast majority of consumers (80%) primarily consume cannabis at night, consistent with the time when many reach for a glass of wine or beer.”

Do you use marijuana for self-care? Let us know!

(Image: iStock / LittleBee80)

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