Music Teacher Accused of Giving Semen-Contaminated Flutes to Students

A California music teacher has been arrested for sexual misconduct after giving students flutes that were contaminated with semen. The teacher has not been identified, but was not a district employee. He was an independent contractor hired to provide music enrichment programs to several schools in Southern California.

The music teacher gave students the flutes as part of the Flutes Across the World program. Flutes are painted and decorated by students, then sent to children around the globe.

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The Orange County Register said emails were sent to parents notifying them of the investigation. Several school districts are investigating whether or not students in their schools received the contaminated flutes. The districts have told parents to take the flutes and seal them in paper bags to contain evidence.

It is still unknown how many schools and students have been affected.

The incident is being investigated by the California Department of Justice. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is also involved, although it is unclear why. Authorities ask that flutes be turned into local enforcement to be tested.

A parent at one of the affected schools is horrified by the incident. Parents were initially told that they flutes contained “bodily fluids”, but no distinction was made clear. Nate’s son attends one of the elementary schools where the teacher worked, and said, “”You have to read in between the lines ”” and most likely, it’s not sweat.”

The teacher hasn’t been named, pending the investigation. In the meantime, authorities continue to ask parents at affected schools to collect the flutes and turn them in.

The website and Facebook page for Flutes Across the World were both down as of Saturday. In addition, the organization has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident, or acknowledge if the teacher was contracted with them directly.

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