In Record Time, Hurricane Sandy Blamed On Same-Sex Marriage

hurricaneHurricane Sandy isn’t even done decimating the east coast and already some are rushing to blame the natural disaster on the wrath of God. Like many other dangerous storms before it, Sandy is being blamed on the scourge of homosexuality and same-sex marriage apparently ruining our country. Forgive us here at Mommyish for yawning, but we’re really tired of this bigoted nonsense.

Today’s co-opting of a national emergency to spew hatred comes to you from outspoken anti-gay preacher John McTernan. He says, ”God is systematically destroying America,” because of the two presidential candidates supposed “pro-homosexual” agenda. According to McTernan, it’s not just President Obama who is to blame, though the President has obviously done the most to further civil rights for those in the LGBTQ community. Even Mitt Romney has earned his ire by supporting homosexuals in the military, in Boy Scouts, and just as members of the Republican party.

We know that we shouldn’t be surprised men like this would take any opportunity they can to denounce all but the most conservative lifestyles. It’s been happening for quite a while now. Remember when some blamed earthquakes on all the sinful cleavage hanging out, exposed to the world?  Westboro Church has made name for itself in the US for protesting soldiers’ funerals and saying that they died because our country accepts homosexuality.

These horrible people exist, the ones that want to use tragedies and moments of crisis to blame others. So we should really be prepared for them to squirm out of their holes whenever a hurricane, earthquake or tornado endangers the lives of thousands of Americans.

The funniest part about them turning up during these natural disasters is that they’re the same people who probably protest when climate scientists want to use extreme weather to encourage discussion about global warming. The fact that there could be a proven link between the catastrophes plaguing our globe and climate changes caused by human beings and our actions seems unimportant. Plenty will say mentioning global warming is “politicizing” a natural disaster. Like mentioning gun control after a mass shooting.

And then we’ll give media coverage and air time to a man who claims that same-sex marriage is causing an enormous storm to batter the east coast of the United States. We’ll listen to the guy who says that the Christian God is one who takes out his wrath on millions of people through the usage of dangerous storms because two people who happen to be the same sex fall in love.

We here at Mommyish are pretty sick of acknowledging that ridiculousness and bigotry. Call us crazy, but we’ll take our chances supporting every family, no matter the number or sex of parents they include.

(Photo: Vladislav Gurfinkel/Shutterstock)

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