Mommyish Gift Guide: Big Ticket Items That Aren’t Worth The Price

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When I saw the Justin Bieber Tour Bus and Concert Stage gift on this year’s “Must-Haves” list, I cringed. Not just because I’m intensely sick of hearing the pop sensation’s name. And not just because those Justin Bieber dolls look seriously creepy. I was cringing because this toy has a $80 price tag. (And that’s on sale.) This chintzy tour bus with fold-out stage isn’t very big and it doesn’t even include a Bieber doll. Its “bells and whistles” include a light switch, a small wheel in the stage that your sold-separately-doll can spin in circles and an MP3 plug-in. I’m sorry, but you can throw a mini-speaker in just about anything these days. It’s just not all that impressive.

Even if you aren’t scaling back your gift-giving budget, we all want to make the most of our money this holiday season. I just don’t think you’re going to do that with an $80 tour bus that doubles as the least exciting Transformer ever. At most, this toy should cost $30. And ya know what, Bieber’s “Backstage Experience” isn’t the only toy that doesn’t deliver for it’s hefty price tag. Here’s some other toys that Santa wouldn’t dream of sending.