The 5 Stages Of Erratic Kid Behavior To Expect During Hurricane Sandy

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hurricane sandyHurricane Sandy is rapidly upon us and that includes the kiddies too. While those of us on the east coast have accumulated an emergency stash of Luna bars, water, and maybe some booze, parents will be adding animal crackers and juice boxes to that emergency food sack. That and plenty of charging for the iPad, iPhone, and the various other distractions that could be compromised if all of us lose power.

We may have played board games when we were little and there were “storm days,” but pull out a game of Clue nowadays and a privileged 5-year-old will tell you there’s an app for that. Even if the power doesn’t leave us, many mothers and fathers on this side of the country are going to be locked in doors with their children for two whole days. No matter how many graham crackers you have stowed away or what DVDs you’re relying on, that scenario can get frightening for many a parent. And you thought Halloween was going to be scary.

So from the sugar rushes to the calm before the storm, here are the phases you can humorously (but not really) expect over the next couple of days of lockdown.