People Putting Anti-Vaxx Propaganda On Halloween Candy Are So Dumb It’s Scary

NVIC candy stickersJust when you thought anti-vaxxers couldn’t do anything stupider to try and spread their misinformation, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has come up with the ridiculous plan to campaign via your kids’ Halloween candy. I thought the anti-vaxxers had reached peak stupidity with that whole vitamins are bad debacle a while back, but I suppose they are still worming their way towards rock bottom. The organization recently posted a photo on their Facebook page showing Halloween candy labeled with the NVIC contact information, and details to members on how to recreate the labels to defile their own treats.

I begrudgingly give the NVIC a teeny bit of credit, like an brown M&M sized amount. Because when I first read about this campaign, I was almost fooled into believing that the NVIC was pro-vaccines. With words like “Information Center” in the title, I assumed that the information would be, you know, rational and based in science. So bravo NVIC for having a name that makes you true Halloween tricksters.

But if the NVIC is going to get crafty with candy, they should at least make it on theme with the holiday. Sure, the thought of a rubella outbreak terrifies me, as it should any rational parent, but there’s no need to leave the children out of the scare. I would respect this idea a whole lot more if they had taken the time to Photoshop a spider on the label, or maybe a mummy or teeny bottle of poison, since they claim vaccines kill and all.

The more I look at this picture, the clearer it is that they haven’t properly thought this propaganda plan through. You’ve got Reese’s and Kit Kats there, which are obvious no-nos for the peanut and gluten allergy sect. Unless the NVIC is playing favorites with which precious children they are trying to protect, I would have thought they’d go with apples or popcorn or some other Halloween treat no one likes.

Besides, most vaccines are given to children in infancy, and while I am all about taking the diaper set out on Halloween night, most of the children getting these treats will have already received their shots. I don’t know how effective this awareness campaign will be, since it’s not like a parent is going to go home, look at the website and then try to suck the venomous vaccines out of their child’s bloodstream like Dracula.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. True, the NVIC isn’t doing anything illegal by putting anti-vaccine stickers on the Halloween candy they pass out. But Halloween is supposed to be a carefree holiday. As a kid, having people hand you candy for free is magical. The NVIC is trying to take this innocence and turn it into a political statement. I know that one can’t really look a gift horse in the mouth, and the same goes for free candy, but I hate that some kids are going to get pulled out of the fun.

On the bright side, forget about inspecting your kids’ candy for hidden dangers like razor blades or drugs, at least these labels make it easy to figure out which candy may be covered in measel germs.

(Photo: Facebook/NVIC)

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