The Help From Hell: Houskeeper Get Fired, Kidnaps Baby

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It’s hard to find good help these days. Just asked Long Island, NY couple Rabbi Yitzchok Hayempour and Tammy Hayempour, whose housekeeper kidnapped their five-month-old girl after being given the boot. The New York Post reports that Gloria Suarez, 55, worked as a maid for the Hayempours, who have 11 children, but was recently fired. She was allowed to stay in the family’s home until Wednesday. That morning, she asked if she could spend time with the baby, named Esther, before she left.

What happened next is the stuff of urban myths (you know, like those creepy shopping-mall abduction stories that circulate on the internet). She reportedly used that time to change Esther out of her pink clothes and into a blue boy’s outfit with sleeves long enough to cover a distinct birthmark on the baby’s arm. She then walked out of the house with the baby in her arms.

Rabbi Hayempour even drove by Suarez and Esther that morning, asked where they were going, and Suarez replied that they were headed to the CVS, according to the article. She then hopped in a cab to the Roslyn Railroad Station, where she was arrested. (The baby’s mother began sensing what was happening and had contacted police, bus drivers in the area and every local cab company she could find until reaching the company that took Suarez and the baby to the train station.)

The story gets even creepier. Turns out Suarez actually put up a fight at the station, even telling cops, “I know that they say the baby is theirs, but I know that the baby should belong to me.” Prosecutor Melissa Lewis told The New York Post that Suarez intended to take the child out of the country to Uruguay.