Brutally Honest Job Post Has Everyone In Stitches

I don’t even know Melissa and I feel sorry for her. A bananas job posting for a photo editor for Time Out NY made it’s way onto job boards somehow last week, and it’s a doozy. Seems like this might have been intended as an internal memo and someone was like, fuck it I’m using it. I’m guessing another position just opened up at the magazine.

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Apparently, Time Out NY needs some photo editors.

Someone help Melissa, for cripes sake.

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The posting reads in part, “Melissa physically cannot find good enough candidates to fill these freelance positions, and at the current rate of magazine production, she needs multiple people to work on multiple cities, simultaneously.”

The job posting continues, “She’s been forced to do all this work herself, and is currently swamped and overwhelmed.”

Melissa needs editors. But can’t find enough freelancers. Melissa also needs a raise, because she is over this shit.

Agreed! Job postings should all be this honest. Although it doesn’t exactly make it sound like a great place to work.

I’m assuming that whoever gets the job would have to live in a basement. At any rate, at least they’ll have a manageable workload!

Melissa, you ok? Blink twice for no.

Freelance life is hard, yo. Ironically, this is one of the nicer postings we’ve seen.

The posting wasn’t up for long before the magazine realized what was happening. Or the position was filled. For Melissa’s sake, we hope that’s the case! Of course, that could mean some poor schmuck just inherited a shit ton of work. Melissa’s like, not my problem anymore, sucka!

Time Out NY, get it together. Give Melissa a break, and pay a good photo editor a livable wage. Also, review every job posting before it goes out. Then maybe you don’t have your dirty laundry being aired all over social media. At this point, we’re all rooting for Melissa.

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