Mom Sues Son For Parental Support – 30 Years After Abandoning Him

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Here’s one of those whacky Canadian laws that makes no sense – at least not in this particular instance. Ken Anderson, a 47-year-old man living in British Columbia, is being sued by his elderly mother Shirley Anderson for parental support; she’s asking Ken and his two siblings for $750 per month from each of them. But here’s the catch: Shirely abandoned her son when he was just 15 years old. And the two of them have not spoken for decades, reports CBC News.

It’s bad enough that these kids are being sued by their own deadbeat mom, but it gets worse: they’ve actually been fighting this lawsuit since 2000. That’s 11 years of expenses and time that could be better spent doing pretty much anything but sitting in court justifying why your mom doesn’t deserve your money.

The article explains that there’s a rarely used section of B.C.’s Family Relations Act that says adult children responsible for legally supporting parents who are “dependent on a child because of age, illness, infirmity or economic circumstances.”

“We don’t have a relationship. I haven’t talked to hear in years and years and years. She’s just out to make our life miserable,” Anderson told CBC News. “I had to make my own way in life and now she’s coming back for…a free living for us kids.” Anderson works as a truck driver and lives with his wife and their two teenage sons.

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