Superintendent Reminds Teachers of Their Dress Code and It’s Sparked a Big Discussion

When you’re thinking about all of the problems teachers face, you wouldn’t think a teacher dress code and the length of their pants is one. Except apparently now it is. A letter detailing the dress code for teacher in a school district in Georgia has gone viral because the superintendent, a man named Trent North has outlawed Capri pants. Yes, you read that right, Capri pants. North, superintendent of the Douglas County school district sent an email to the teachers with a list of “appropriate” clothing.

According to The Today Show, the memo for the teacher dress code reads:

“Some items of clothing that are not appropriate for work include jeans (except on Fridays), flip flops, sneakers, leggings (except when worn with an appropriate length dress), shorts and Capris.”

Most of the items on the list are understandable, but Capris? Seriously? What is the world is wrong with Capri pants? They’re super cute and quite fashionable for women. They’re not like man Capris, where you’d look like a frat boy who doesn’t shower. They are most definitely business casual and more importantly, weather appropriate. This is a school district in Georgia. It’s the middle of summer. What does this man expect these female teachers to wear, wool slacks? They’d be sweating to death. Because it’s safe to assume that this school district does not have central air.

If you wouldn’t wear it to the interview, you shouldn’t wear it in the classroom.

But according to North, there is room for negotiation in the great Capri debate in the teacher dress code. North, proves that he is a man who is clueless about women’s fashion. In an interview with the local NBC news affiliate, he says “A longer version of shorts, it isn’t business. It isn’t professional. If a teacher comes into the building with pants just above the ankle, no one is going to say a word.”

So Mr. North, let me give you a little fashion lesson if you would indulge me.

Capri pants are generally hitting somewhere around the calf. That is a solid few inches below the knee. But according to North, anything above the ankle is just a glorified pair of shorts. Well, considering business casual clothing (which is essentially what teachers wear) has made great strides over the last few years, there are plenty of professional looking shorter pants available for women.

The Today Show decided to ask what others think of capri pants and if they’re appropriate for teachers and a big debate began.

North, who has only had the job for a few months has clearly gotten off on the wrong foot. Teachers face way bigger problems than what they’re wearing, as many were quick to point out and well, is the teacher dress code something they should worry about? While he acknowledged that, he also stood by his decision.

Who knows what’s going to happen, but we hope he gets his priorities in order soon!

(Image: iStock /MichaelDeLeon; Screenshot / NBC 11 Alive News)

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