Epic Parent Fail: These Parents Forgot Their Kid on an Airplane

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Everyone has rough parenting days, but if today was one of yours, take heart: at least you didn’t leave your child behind on a plane! Unfortunately, a couple in China can’t make this claim. As Travel + Leisure reports, the parents forgot their ten-year-old daughter asleep on a China Southern Airlines flight last week. Parent fail! I’m pretty forgetful and I’ve actually left countless scarves, a jacket, my wallet, and even my computer on a plane, but I’ve never forgotten one of my kids so I’m feeling prettttttty smug right now.

When the flight in question landed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, nothing seemed amiss. The passengers all disembarked, and the flight crew got to the task of cleaning and prepping the plane for the next flight.

That’s when they discovered a sleeping child in the last row of the plane. I’m sure they were all like, “dafuq?”

The crew quickly remembered that the girl had been sitting apart from her family, so they woke her up…but not before they took a picture of her sleeping and posted it on the internet. Gotta do it for the ‘gram!

Maybe reunite her with her family before you take a picture?

via Twitter / @airlivenet

Once the poor child was awake, she gave the flight crew her dad’s cell phone number, and they quickly made contact with him. It turns out that the girl’s parents thought their daughter would follow them off the plane and meet them at baggage claim.

Oh. Honestly, that makes sense, and at ten years old, the girl is certainly old enough to know how to get off a plane. If it wasn’t for that whole “falling asleep thing,” I’m sure everything would have gone according to plan.

The girl was reunited with her parents, who I’m sure have started a new savings account for her future therapy sessions.