The Shopping List This Woman Gave Her Husband Has Wives Everywhere Saying ‘Yep’

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Picture it: you’re at home with the kids, and need a few things from the market. So you send your husband with a shopping list. We all know what usually happens next, right? Husband comes home with nothing on the list, 126 things you didn’t need, and a giant trampoline that was “a great deal”. A woman in India took it upon herself to make sure that never happened again.

Era Londhe gave her husband the most detailed shopping list we’ve ever seen. She included drawings, too!

When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. However, if that isn’t possible, you have to make sure whoever does it has such detailed instruction that failure is not an option.


We completely lost it at the potato size chart.

Era had a lot of fans of her shopping list after she posted it. Wives completely understood, and honestly, we’re sure a lot of husbands appreciate the help!

For people not familiar with Indian food or terminology, some of the list may be confusing. Mirchi is chili peppers or powder commonly used in curries.

Era tells her husband to “ask for free” mirchi, because apparently, it’s complimentary in some Indian markets.

You really do learn something new everyday!

Era said on Twitter that her other shopping lists are just as detailed. It really is kind of sweet, when you think about it! Hubby wants to help, and she wants to make sure he’s actually helpful. Next time you send your husbands or wives to the store, remember, it’s all in the details.

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(Image: Twitter / @eralondhe)