20 of the Best Halloween Movies for Kids

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October is the perfect month for binge-watching scary movies. From zombie flicks to horror classics, there are enough scary movies out there to watch at least two a day (if you have that kind of time). But we don’t want young kids to feel left out! While your children might be too young for Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, there are plenty of spooky movies that are kid-appropriate.

Here are 20 of the best Halloween movies for kids to watch this month, so they can get into the spooky holiday spirit, too!

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1. Hocus Pocus (The best of all Halloween movies for kids, in our humble opinion)

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When it's only August… ? #hocuspocus #hocuspocusmovie

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The Sanderson sisters are awakened after a long slumber to wreak havoc on Halloween. This movie is funny, slightly spooky, and has Bette Midler in it, so it’s basically perfect.

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