Dad’s Post About Acknowledging His Wife’s Facebook Tags Is Spot On

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Here’s the thing: if I’m tagging you on Facebook, there’s a reason! It’s because I read something I think you’d enjoy, or find interesting, or want your opinion on. Facebook tags can be annoying, yes. But one dad nails why acknowledging them is important and can be beneficial to your relationship. The thing is, people use social media to communicate in a lot of ways. So if your significant other is tagging you, maybe they have something to say. And maybe you should listen.

Brad Kearn, the dad behind the Facebook page “DadMum” says he used to find Facebook tags annoying. But then he stopped and thought about WHY his wife was tagging him. And he realized something.

Every day she tags me in stuff on Facebook. Every day. Like several times a day. As if she bounces around the internet…

Posted by DaDMuM on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

“Every day she tags me in stuff on Facebook. Every day. Like several times a day. As if she bounces around the internet just looking for random shit to let me know is out there. Memes, events, stories etc. I used to find it annoying. I didn’t really know why half of it was relevant.”

But then he started to really think about why she was tagging him in all of this stuff. It wasn’t just to randomly fill her time and clog his feed. Brad goes on to say, “But over time I’ve learned that she tags me in shit because it’s either funny, insightful or relevant to us and our relationship. Sometimes it helps her tell me something because it’s so relevant and she couldn’t have said it better herself. I try to make a point of acknowledging it. It doesn’t take any effort at all.”

They say that couples who train together stay together.Well I've decided I'm going to start doing extra workouts at…

Posted by DaDMuM on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Brad says his wife’s Facebook tags help him figure out what’s important to her and where she’s at. He says they also helps them communicate about stuff other than mundane day-to-day stuff at the end of the day.

Brad has a message to husbands (or friends or family or whoever gets tagged on Facebook): “Read the post. Just fucking read it. If she tagged you in it, she wants you to look at it. If you were at the park and she said ‘hey look at that’ would you ignore it? Would you make a snide remark about how much effort it will take you to see it? I think not.” It’s just the right thing to do.

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