21 Ridiculous ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes

Can we all agree that not EVERY woman’s costume has to be sexy? Sure, there are some costumes that are sexy by design (Playboy Bunny, for example). And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing one! But it’s gotten out of hand, guys. Women can wear regular costumes. We don’t need every single thing to be sexy. We’ve found 21 of the most ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes out there, and honestly, they just don’t even make a lick of sense.

1. Thing 1 (For the Dr. Seuss lovers who want sexy Halloween costumes, we guess)


Our kids wear Thing 1 and 2 costumes to school for Book Character Day. This ain’t right.

2. Sexy Patriot


Pretty sure this violates several of the flag provisions people are so damn obsessed with these days.

3. Sexy Belle


Belle is one of our favorite Disney characters. However, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t wear this.

4. Mickey Mouse


WHY. We demand to know why. Then we demand this be incinerated. 

5. Cleopatra? We think?


When you can’t definitely identify what the costume is supposed to be, it’s too sexy.

6. Sexy Rey


So mad at this one. Leave Star Wars and our feminist icons alone.

7. Girl Scout and Teacher


Ah, yes. The perennial sexy costume. Good thing teachers having inappropriate sexual relationships with students doesn’t happen all the time, right?

8. Police Officer


Can you imagine if women officers had to wear this? Like as their uniform?

9. Flight Attendant


Um. Where do you actually WEAR this? 

10. Sexy Soldier


Of course, because once again, women in the military or law enforcement should be sexy.

11. Nun


First, no. Second, NO. Finally, stop it.

12. Tin Woman


How many guys do you think are going to ask her if they can feel her “heart”?

13. Chucky


At this point, Sexy Chucky isn’t even surprising.

14. Referee


Flag on the play! Your ass is showing.

15. Jessie from Toy Story


Can we get a moratorium on making Disney characters sexy? Please.

16. Sexy Zombies


Because nothing says sexy like blood and guts!

17. Pikachu


Gotta catch them all! And you’re going to catch a cold!

18. Ghostbuster


The all-woman reboot of Ghostbusters was such an girl-power moment. Sure, let’s make them sexy instead.

19. Peacock

sexy halloween costumes
Image: Facebook/Naughty But Nice

This costume barely has even damn feathers. Not a great peacock.

20. Sexy Pizza

sexy halloween costumes
Image: Facebook/Seventeen

Too far, sexy Halloween costumes. Pizza is SACRED. OK, it is a little sexy, but only while we’re eating it.

21. Donald Trump

donald trump sexy halloween costume
Image: yandy

This is why we can’t have nice things. WTF is this?

How many ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes have you seen while shopping this year? Tell us in the comments!

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