Atlanta Teen Shot In The Head At Middle School And Please God We Need Gun Control

school shootingsJust another Thursday here at the Mommyish offices as each and every day we bring you the latest in shootings that are becoming a more or less daily occurrence in our great nation. Today’s horror and tragedy comes from Atlanta, Georgia where a 14-year-old kid was shot in the head at his middle school.

Associated Press reports that the kid was “alert, conscious and breathing” when he was taken to the hospital. At the time of this writing, the suspect, who has been taken into a custody, is believed to be a student. All other kids at the middle school have been pronounced safe.

The victim was shot outside a school building. A teacher is reported to have suffered minor bruises and cuts following the incident that authorities are still piecing together.

An image of the scene shows the aerial shots that don’t even jar us anymore, of police officers and frightened parents standing outside the school grounds at the scene of yet another shooting. Another life impacted. Another toss into the bucket of “school shootings in America.”

A post-Newtown, Connecticut is certainly upon us what with the gun debates that have marked the last two months. But, gun control, you can’t possibly get here fast enough.

(photo: yotrak / Shutterstock)

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