Someone Created ‘Hair Nails’ Because Nail Art Has Nowhere Else to Go

I’ll be frank. I am not a fan of nail art. I tend to prefer my nails unpainted or in classic shades of red. Maybe I’m boring, who knows. Most of my friends seem to absolutely love everything related to nail art. They do that thing where they only make the ring finger different, or are heavily into the nail stickers. Then there are some forms of nail art that are probably best left hidden away, locked in a vault with the key thrown out. Case in point, these ‘hair nails’ that are causing many to be totally weirded out.

Dain Yoon, a self-proclaimed ‘illusion artist’ recently posted a perfectly creeptacular image to their Twitter page. See for yourself:

Yeaaaaaah. That’s, pretty nightmare inducing if I do say so myself. And I’m certainly not the only one to feel this way. Yoon’s post was re-tweeted over a thousand times, with over a hundred comments, many of which told her exactly how they felt about the strange, hairy undertaking.

Many were just NOT about it in any, way, shape, or form:

Some could see the artistic value but not as a trend:

Others had some more technical questions about the whole thing:

One person claimed they did this ages ago:

Some folks realized it would definitely be a great and creative Halloween look (imagine handing candy out with these!)

Others even spoofed the idea:

All that said, Yoon is actually a really incredible and talented artist. They have a much more extensive following on their Instagram, which features some phenomenal work (albeit still nightmare inducing at times).


Like when she painted hearts on herself to blend into a wall:

Or when she paints a second face on her face because having one face is totally boring anyway

Gotta love this totally Dali-esque look

She also makes totally odd videos that you can’t stop watching

So, you know. Maybe hair nails aren’t exactly your thing, but at least now you know more about Yoon’s amazing(ly bizarre) art. Tell your friends! And maybe take some cues from her for this upcoming Halloween season.

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(Image: Instagram / @designdain)

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