Woman Claims She Got Herpes From a Sephora Tester So She’s Suing

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Well, this is some seriously horrifying news. A woman in California claims that she contracted herpes from a Sephora tester, and is suing the cosmetics retailer. According to the lawsuit, the woman says she was shopping in the Hollywood store in October 2015. She says she used a lipstick tester, and days later, was diagnosed with herpes. Be right back, bleaching every piece of makeup I own.

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In her suit, the woman claims she broke out with blisters and cold sores around her mouth days after testing lipsticks at Sephora. A doctor diagnosed the sores as herpes.

The woman claims she never had cold sores before this incident, and was never diagnosed as being a herpes carrier. She’s suing the cosmetics giant for “emotional distress” over contracting a lifelong incurable disease from the lipstick. I have so very many questions.

People know you’re not supposed to use the testers, like, DIRECTLY on your own lips … right?

According to the documents, the woman says Sephora “failed to clearly warn the woman and other customers of the risk of getting herpes or other diseases from trying on the lipstick samples.” I just. I feel like a little common sense could’ve gone a long way here? You are OBVIOUSLY not supposed to apply tester lipstick to your lips. Literally hundreds and hundreds of other people have touched that tester! The applicators next to the testers are there for a fucking reason.

And honestly, isn’t it common courtesy to apply the lipstick to your hand, USING THE APPLICATOR? That’s how you test a color.

I feel terrible for the woman, I really do. Herpes simplex virus is incurable (but definitely manageable). And there’s certainly a stigma attached to having it. However, I really feel like people need to just be smarter. Like, that would solve so many of their problems. Sephora hasn’t responded to the lawsuit, but when they do, we’re sure it’ll be in laughing gif form.

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