8 Things To Do At The Beach If You Are Not A Mom Who Swims

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shutterstock_95363824This post has nothing to do with being too self-conscious to wear a bathing suit and everything to do with just not wanting to swim. I have never been a big swimmer. Even as a child I was content to sit on the steps of a pool and chat or take a quick dip and get out. I am the same way at lakes or the ocean- I may play in the surf but I don’t like to be submerged. I get icked out by things touching me in the water and not being able to see it all and I don’t enjoy being splashed by people around me. It’s just not my thing.

Luckily, my husband is a very good swimmer and loves doing it so he is always willing to go in the water with our kids for however long they please. I am so grateful for this as it gives me time to do other things. What other things, you may ask? See below for 8 things to do at the beach if you don’t swim.


1. Read!

Duh. This is the most obvious summer past-time for the non-swimmers among us but thanks to tablets and e-readers, it is now easier than ever. I happily spend the months before summer accumulating books and magazines on my Kindle and iPad to read in the shade while my husband and kids run around in the water. Ahhhh.


2. Give yourself a pedicure.

Nothing exfoliates and softens your feet like sand! I love to dig my feet around and then rub them together letting nature slough away dead skin and callouses. I don’t usually paint my nails at the beach but I will massage the cuticles and rub foot lotion in once I am done with my sand exfoliation. Like the spa, only free.


3. People watch

This is the best ever. I don’t think I even need to elaborate on why.

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