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20 Times Kim Kardashian West Showed She’s an Amazing Mom

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Whatever your feelings are about her as a person and celebrity, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian West is a fantastic mom. She seems to genuinely enjoy every moment she spends with North, Saint, and Chicago. Kim and Kanye welcomed their third child together earlier this year, and we can’t wait to see her blossom even more as a mother. It really doesn’t matter who are you or how much fame and money you have – when you become a mom, it changes you! It mellows you out a bit in a lot of ways, but it also changes your priorities. Sure, Kim may still do the occasional scandalous selfie, but she also gets down on the floor and plays with her kids.

One of the best parts of becoming a mom is being able to do things with your kids that bring you joy. Whether it’s introducing them to a new treat or helping them dress up, these little acts of motherhood are what it’s all about. And that transcends the differences in our lives. We may not relate to Kim in a lot of ways, but we can absolutely relate to her as a mom. Here are 20 times Kim showed she’s an amazing mom (and auntie!). Motherhood suits you, Kim!

1. Kim Kardashian West understands the importance of Pez.

Listen, every kid needs a Pez. It’s a rite of passage! We read a lot about how health-conscious celebrities can be, so it’s easy to assume that they are pretty strict when it comes to what they let their kids have. So it’s refreshing to see a celeb mom like Kim Kardashian West let her kids indulge in some childhood treats! Those little candy dispensers are so much fun, and we 100% approve the Mickey Mouse choice. You have to start them young, right? Kim may not eat a lot of sweets, but like any good mom, she doesn’t deprive her little ones of the occasional treat.

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