20 Times Kim Kardashian West Showed She’s an Amazing Mom

Whatever your feelings are about her as a person and celebrity, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian West is a fantastic mom. She seems to genuinely enjoy every moment she spends with North, Saint, and Chicago. Kim and Kanye welcomed their third child together earlier this year, and we can’t wait to see her blossom even more as a mother. It really doesn’t matter who are you or how much fame and money you have – when you become a mom, it changes you! It mellows you out a bit in a lot of ways, but it also changes your priorities. Sure, Kim may still do the occasional scandalous selfie, but she also gets down on the floor and plays with her kids.

One of the best parts of becoming a mom is being able to do things with your kids that bring you joy. Whether it’s introducing them to a new treat or helping them dress up, these little acts of motherhood are what it’s all about. And that transcends the differences in our lives. We may not relate to Kim in a lot of ways, but we can absolutely relate to her as a mom. Here are 20 times Kim showed she’s an amazing mom (and auntie!). Motherhood suits you, Kim!

1. Kim Kardashian West understands the importance of Pez.


Listen, every kid needs a Pez. It’s a rite of passage! We read a lot about how health-conscious celebrities can be, so it’s easy to assume that they are pretty strict when it comes to what they let their kids have. So it’s refreshing to see a celeb mom like Kim Kardashian West let her kids indulge in some childhood treats! Those little candy dispensers are so much fun, and we 100% approve the Mickey Mouse choice. You have to start them young, right? Kim may not eat a lot of sweets, but like any good mom, she doesn’t deprive her little ones of the occasional treat.

2. She knows that most little ones love to play dress-up in mama’s closet.


Sure, when our kids play with our shoes, they’re usually not expensive designer sandals. But you work with what you’ve got, right? Every kid, no matter who their parents are, love playing dress-up with our clothes and accessories. Once babies become toddlers, giving them free range of your closet is a great way to keep them occupied so you can go to the bathroom in peace or get ready in under 20 minutes. We appreciate Saint’s choice of slide, since it’s easy to get on and off and won’t break an ankle. And let’s be honest, who among us wouldn’t want to spend a little time in Kim’s cavernous closet?

3. Kim has the kid train down to a science.


Baby on the hip, holding the big’s hand, and the big bringing up the rear with some cousin hand-holding. We’ve all done this. It starts to get tricky when you have more kids than hands (this picture was taken before Chicago was born, but this will soon be Kim’s usual traveling caravan of kiddos). And props to her for being able to carry that baby and lead the other two along in heels like that! Can you just imagine the conversation that happened in the car before this? “Now, North, hold that hand, don’t let go, and please don’t walk over grates or bumpy parts of the sidewalk while I’m holding your brother.”

4. She makes sure to document the love between her babies and their dad.


Yes, she’s sharing it with millions of people. But these are the moments North with cherish when she’s older. It can be hard to remember to document these moments, and we all love social media for how easy it makes it, right? And while it may be for the likes, just think of how many people see her photos, and realize that showing affection to your children is  GOOD thing. It should go without saying, but it’s something that plenty of parents struggle with. We love that Kim takes the time to acknowledge her partner and honor the obviously sweet relationship he has with their kids. So important.

5. Even Kim Kardashian West takes her kids to work!


The photoshoot Kim did with North is one of our favorites. What a memory! On multi-tasking and being a working mom, Kim had this to say: “Motherhood has helped me figure out how to consolidate and just get things done as quick as possible.” It’s such a blessing to be share your professional career with your kids, and shooting a spread for a fashion magazine sure beats hanging out in the office cafeteria! This is Kim’s work, but it’s clear that it’s not her life, and we love that she routinely involves her family. Those pictures are going in the baby book!

6. Even Kim’s kids head outside first thing in the morning, bare feet and all.


You gotta let them explore the world outside! And every mom knows, shoes are optional in and around the home. Sure, we want to protect them and keep them safe. And we imagine Kim Kardashian West deals with more than her fair share of fear when it comes to her kids. After all, they’re easily some of the most famous kids in the world, and that’s got to be a scary thing for a parent to handle. But despite that, we still see Kim getting out of the house with the kids all the time, and it’s nice to see that she doesn’t let who she is impede on their childhood.

7. She participates in cuddle puddles.


Sometimes you just need to cover yourself in your own babies. At the end of a long day, is there anything better? Just lay down, cover yourself with your kids, and let the day melt away. We’ve put celebrities on such a pedestal in this country that it can be so easy to forget that underneath all the glitz and glamour, they’re a lot like us. Looking at this picture, we can guess that Kim was probably tired, or maybe she had work to get to. But Kim is a good mom, and she knows her own priorities. Cuddle with the kids now, deal with everything else later.

8. She catches those moments you want to remember forever.


As many pictures as Kim has taken of herself, we’re sure the most memorable ones are these little asides of everyday life. This is just the sweetest picture, and we love that she took it and decided to share it. These quiet little moments are the ones we miss, and the ones we want to remember more than anything else. Just a tired kiddo, and a dad being a dad. We all have tons of photos like this on our phones, right? We just don’t have tens of millions of followers to share them with! Just such a beautiful moment.

9. She applies her mom skills to her aunt role, and keeps it cool.


When you can look that calm holding a crying baby, you’ve reached major mom status. The best part of this is, she probably looks as calm as she does because she’s not holding her own baby, LOL! Isn’t that how it works? You’re always the most stressed out with your own kids, and the most relaxed with other people’s kids. All moms know that babies are going to cry, and you just have to roll with the punches. And never, ever let it stop you from looking amazing in a picture. Being an aunt is great practice for being a mom, and clearly Kim got a lot of practice.

10. She knows her kids are gonna sass, and she rolls with it.


Listen, toddlers are gonna toddler. This is our mood too, Kim. It seems like once your kid reaches the age of 4 or so, their attitude gets as big as their britches are getting. And the classic tongue sticking out of the mouth is a favorite for toddlers all over the world! It’s kind of refreshing to see celeb kids wild out like our own kids so, and we imagine that Kim sort of chuckled, snapped the pic, and then used her low and scary mom voice to put North back in her place. We may be slightly amused by stuff like this, but you never miss an opportunity to tell your kid who’s boss.

11. She knows how important it is for her kids to have their own people.


Cultivating little friendships is one of the best parts of having kids! We’re their moms, not their friends, which means we have to help them develop those bonds with kids their own age. It can definitely help when your friends and siblings have kids around the same age – built-in best friends with very little effort! But there really is nothing like watching your kids and their friends grow up together, and discover who they are with these friends by their side. And Kim and her friends and sisters set a really great example with their own unbreakable bonds. Plus, the matching sandals!

12. Even though puppies can be jerks, she got one anyway so North could have a puppy bestie with her cousin.


Mom’s know: when your kid wants a puppy, who’s going to actually take care of the puppy? MOM. We wouldn’t blame Kim one bit for saying no to adding a fur baby to the family. She’s got A LOT going on, and puppies are an insane amount of work! But we’re guessing her mom heart got the best of her, and she caved and got her kids this absolutely adorable puppy. Growing up with a fur bestie is something that all kids should be able to experience. We just hope the puppy stays in its lane and doesn’t get any big ideas about chewing on Saint’s dress-up Gucci slides.

13. She rolls with her built-in bestie.


Mom first, friend second, but we imagine Kim and North will have quite the bond when she’s older. There’s nothing better than having your own little mini-me to watch grow up, and guide along the way. Kim has lived quite the life, and we wonder what sorts of advice she dispenses in her roll as a mom? Whatever she teaches her three kids, we’re sure she gets as much of a kick out of being there as their role model as we do watching it. And what a lifetime of fun memories and experiences she’s creating for them! Mom goals, for sure.

14. She does the gushy happy birthday thing on social media.


Every mom knows it’s not official until you’ve wished your kid a happy birthday on Instagram. Isn’t that pretty much what social media is for, after all? Sure, North is too young to have her own social media accounts (or be able to read the message, let’s be honest), but being able to wish your kid a happy birthday and get well-wishes in return from your millions of followers is definitely a mom perk. OK, so most of us aren’t scrolling for 30 minutes to read all the comments from people on our own accounts, but still. Gushing about your kid on social media is definitely a mom move, and Kim has it down pat.

15. Traveling with kids? Not a problem.


OK, so probably slightly easier on a private jet. But still, she’s not even sweating! And not just traveling with one kid – she’s got two toddlers in tow. We’re getting a little panicked just thinking about it. However, when your kids have been jet-setting from the time they were in your belly, flying with them is probably a bit easier than it is for the average mom. We’d still wager a bet that she gives her kids plenty of snacks, iPads, and lets them wander the aisles, though. Some mom stuff is universal, and keeping small kids occupied on a plane is one of those things.

16. She makes sure her kiddos get plenty of time with their grandparents.


Saint and his great-grandma spending some time together is beyond adorable. Kim has always spoken highly of her own mom and grandmother, crediting them for giving her the strength to be the kick-ass mom that she is. On mom Kris, Kim has said, “Motherhood is a gift and I know after watching my mom do it, it’s not easy, especially when trying to balance a career. I’m honored to follow in her footsteps and make her proud like I am of her.” That is such a sweet sentiment, and we love seeing Kim cultivate those important relationships between her kids and their grandparents.

17. Even Kim’s kids are goofy!


When you let your kids be kids, this is the face they make. When you’re as famous as Kim Kardashian West, we’re sure it’s easy to get swept into the whole “perfect” image thing. And that could easily turn into squashing your kid’s natural tendencies so you don’t get caught in some unflattering gossip rag post or article. But Kim seems to brush it off, and allow her kids to just be themselves, regardless of who’s watching. And that is so important for their development. Kids are loud and messy and silly and infuriating, and that applies to ALL kids, even the ones born to super famous celebs. Be yourself, North, and keep on letting her keep on, Kim!

18. Taking kids to the beach is the worst, but she does it anyway.


If Kim Kardashian West can roll with two kids at the beach, we have no excuse. There’s just so much to dislike about the beach, you know? The sand in everything and everywhere (seriously, sandwiches shouldn’t be gritty), the wide open spaces and vast body of water, all the stuff kids can get in to that they probably shouldn’t be getting in to. We admit: we could take our kids to the beach more often, but we keep making excuses. But if Kim Kardashian West can hang on the beach with a toddler and a baby and not look like she wants to cry, we’ll just have to try harder.

19. She knows when to whip out the phone and document an adorable moment.


We’d go to Spa North, hands down. We’ve all come around the corner in our home and happened upon a super cute scene like this, right? Maybe it’s your daughter wearing your high heels and trying to put on your dress. Or your son singing himself a song in the mirror. No matter what, moms know that this kind of stuff needs to be documented immediately, and Kim is no exception. It’s hard being a kid, right North? Even little ones need some self-care and to take the occasional mental health day. We love that North did this, and we love that Kim was able to whip out her phone and capture the moment.

20. She understands the gift she’s given to North, Saint, and Chicago, by giving them each other.


Honestly, seeing your babies love on each other is one of the best parts of motherhood. And she gets to live that everyday. Kim has talked before about how much she loved growing up in a big family with her siblings, and it looks like she wanted to give her kids as close to that same experience as possible. One kid is hard, two kids is harder, and three is pretty much insane, but she’s handling it like a champ and raising three little people who will be bonded best friends forever. That alone makes Kim Kardashian West an outstanding mom.

We know Kim isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when we see a good mom, we have to give her props. Congrats on the gorgeous family, Kim, and we can’t wait to meet the newest little one!

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