This Wine Advent Calendar Totally Sold Out Last Year, but There’s Still Time to Treat Yourself

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Chocolate advent calendars are for kids. Sure, chocolate is great, but the chocolate in an advent calendar is not usually anything worth celebrating. Even if you get a fancy advent calendar full of gourmet truffles, you know that at some point you’re going to wind up with a mouth full of weird strawberry goo. But an advent calendar full of wine is something we can all get behind. In fact, so many people got behind the wine advent calendar from Vinebox last year that it completely sold out. But it’s back for 2017, and people are really excited.

Vinebox’s advent calendar contains 12 vials, each containing the equivalent of one glass of wine. They run the spectrum from refreshing whites to “bold and aged reds built for fireplace chats and wool blankets.”

wine advent calendar

That sounds pretty amazing. (Yes, there’s rose in there too.)

The wine advent calendar is also supposed to be full of actually good wine, not the wine equivalent of those waxy little chocolates in our kids’ advent calendars.

Vinebox is a wine-by-the-glass subscription service that sends a curated selection of single-serving vials of fancy wines to your house. It’s sort of like going to a wine bar, except you can watch Scandal during your tasting flight.

I like fancy wine and trying new things, but I hate leaving the house. To me, this sounds perfect.

They come in cool vials, too. These look like video game potions.

This wine advent calendar sells for $129, and it includes 12 3.4-ounce glasses of wine in individual vials. That seems like a lot, but it’s not so much when compared with wines sold by the glass at restaurants or wine bars. This year there’s reportedly a waitlist of more than 9,000 people, but the wine advent calendar is still available for preorder. It will start shipping on November 13.

The only problem is maintaining the willpower to not open the next night’s door. You know you have 12 vials of wine in there. Can you keep them all closed until Christmas? This may be a test, but we’re adults and it’s not graded. If you have a particularly good fire going and want to skip ahead, nobody ever needs to know.

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