Woman Who Beat Up ‘Racist White Lady’ Explains Herself After Becoming Internet Hero

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, we’re living in some fairly tense times. There’s been an upswing in racist attacks since the election of Donald Trump, and it’s concerning to most if not all of us. Racism doesn’t begin with drawing swastikas or attending KKK rallies, though. It starts with words, and with a mentality of bigotry. That’s why some folks feel the need to halt it immediately, like this Florida woman, Colleen Dagg, who beat up a racist in a viral video. Now, the woman is speaking out as to why she did what she did.

23-year-old Colleen Dagg (who is white) was walking through the lobby of a La Quinta Hotel in Coral Springs, Florida when she overheard another white woman making a complaint to a hotel clerk.

According to Dagg, the woman (39-year-old Summer Cortts) made a disparaging remark about Haitians. There were a number of Haitian guests at the hotel for a children’s soccer game.

“I heard something she said and walked out of the building and thought about it for a second and walked back inside to the counter calmly and asked her if I heard her correctly, just like I’m talking to you, no attitude,” Dagg told NBC 6.

“[She said–to the clerk] ‘you guys need to do something about all these wet floors over here, you know how these Haitian people are.’ To me she was inferring that Haitian people are more likely to sue somebody than another race.”

Cortts could have meant any number of things, all of which would have been racist. Regardless, Dagg used her white privilege to confront Cortts. But Cortts was not having it, and allegedly began to get in Dagg’s face and became aggressive.

When the video begins, we see Dagg taking off her shoes and Cortts standing over her within inches of her face, telling her she would shoot her if Dagg hit her with her shoe. Once Cortts put hands on Colleen Dagg, Dagg got up and defended herself, beating the woman to the floor.

Cortts then began to allege that she was 3-months pregnant, and when cops arrived, claimed that Dagg started it and that she would press charges. Coral Springs Police said Daggs only acted in self-defense, while Cortts was given a notice for disorderly conduct and banned from the hotel.

You can see the whole thing below:

[youtube_iframe id=”plqPXzyyuqQ”]

Dagg took to Twitter to explain her reasons, and honestly, they’re pretty on point.

Do you think Colleen Dagg should’ve just minded her own business? Was it right for her to confront this woman? Should Cortts have stepped back, especially if she was pregnant? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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