Prosecco Pong Is the Classy New Drinking Game You’re Going to Want to Play With All Your Mom Friends

It’s so hard to make friends as a grown-up! Are we going to be trying to figure out how to make mom friends when our kids are grown up and in college? Making friends in college was easy. Maybe it was easier to make friends because we were all the same age and were stuffed together in a place where it was easy to find people with similar interests. Or maybe it was all the beer pong. It’s easy to make friends with beer pong! The only problem is that nobody seems to play beer pong anymore after college. Maybe we all just feel too classy for beer pong when we’re supposed to be real adults. But now there is a solution! Prosecco Pong is just like beer pong, but with sparkling wine.

I love this so much. It is classy, but also corny and tacky, as all the best things in life are.

Prosecco Pong is actually a real game. It can be purchased from Texas-based party supply store Talking Tables. It costs $25, which is not much for a thing that will let you stand up in a group of friends and say, “Who wants to play Prosecco Pong?” (I’ve always wanted to be the Samantha.)

The game comes with 12 plastic coupe glasses for Prosecco and some bright pink ping pong balls. People can play as teams or one-on-one, and the rules are the same as beer pong. You set up the glasses on each side and try to bounce the ball into your opponent’s glass. If you sink one, they have to drink.

I feel classier already. This feels liken event Fancy Nancy would plan when she goes to college.

This is the perfect game to go with your secret luxury wine purse. And also your sports bra full of wine for music festivals, funerals, and Thanksgiving dinners.

You can still play pong with beer if you like. But for those of us who prefer sparkling wine to craft ales, this sounds like fun. Also the glasses feel fancy. I wish this had existed when I was in college. I’d have started a Prosecco Pong league and been the most popular person in school.

Do you want to play Prosecco Pong? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Talking Tables)

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