There’s A New Taco Bell Hotel, And We Need To Go Immediately

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You know that thing, where you learn about a place that exists and realize immediately that you belong there? Like, this is your true home. Your north star. It could be a serene mountain town. Or a beautiful beach. It could be right where you are now! Or, if you are us, it could be the Taco Bell Hotel. We’ve shared about our love of Taco Bell before, like when we coveted everything in this clothing line or wished to be whisked away to the Taco Bell that serves booze. It runs deep, is what we’re saying. So to find out that there’s an ENTIRE HOTEL devoted to all things Taco Bell?! Well, we were struck with an immediate craving for a chalupa with extra fire sauce. Served pool side, of course.

The Taco Bell Hotel is 100% real, and it looks like heaven on earth.

taco bell hotel

Image: Taco Bell

Starting in August, you can book a stay at The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort. Located in Palm Springs, California, this pop-up boutique hotel gone wild is the ultimate getaway for Taco Bell superfans. This isn’t some shady Fyre Fest whackness, either. This is a legitimate hotel, with a pool, salon services, room service, and plenty of Taco Bell-themed activities to keep your belly full and your tongue on fire. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true, friends. It is so true.

The hotel will offer four different rooms. All of them are, as you probably guessed, keeping with the Taco Bell theme.

Image: Taco Bell

Accommodations start at $169 for a standard king room, and go up to $299 for a double queen room with a pool view. And of course you want a pool view, you’ll be frying your taco off in Palm Springs in AUGUST. In addition to the themed rooms, you’ll be able to chow down on some of your fav Taco Bell menu items during your stay. Taco Bell promises that their “most iconic” items will be available at The Bell, plus exclusive menu items and a Baja bar menu to be enjoyed poolside.

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As if that weren’t enough (and really, that’s enough), they’ve also loaded up on activities and amenities. Float the day away on a hot sauce packet pool float. Head to the salon for a Taco Bell-inspired look. Enjoy Happier Hour at The Baja Bar everyday. And leave your evenings free for dive-in movies and (you guessed it) more Taco Bell. Did we mention it’s 18+? So no kids. We would never leave.

It looks like reservations open on June 27, so do yourselves a favor and put your name on the list. You’re not going to want to miss an opportunity to stay at the Taco Bell Hotel.