Every Mom Needs This Secret Luxury Wine Purse

(Bella Vita Bags)

Forget a Chanel flap or a Birkin, or even one of those fancy Gucci diaper bags, I’ve discovered my Holy Grail bag, and it’s basically a giant leather pouch full of wine.

The PortoVino bag by Bella Vita is a giant, roomy bag made of Italian leather. It has a contrast-color leather shoulder strap, a whimsical gold charm, and a hidden spout in the back that allows your “tasteful handbag” to dispense up to a liter and a half of rose whenever you damn want it.

I need this bag in my life.

The way it works is that there’s a secret hole on the back side of the bag, under a leather flap, and it is just the right size to fit the spout for a waterproof, removable plastic bladder that can be filled with any kind of wine you want. (We’re all still on rose, right?) The bladder holds up to two wine bottles worth of liquid. Once the bladder is in there, there’s still room for a wallet and phone and other essentials. It’s probably best not to put pointy things in there, and probably also not car keys. If you’re drinking out of a spout on your handbag, it’s probably a good day to call a Lyft.

The giant “mom bag” sized version sells for $74.95, and it’s available in several colors. Obviously, we recommend classic black for evenings when you want to look a little bit more chic, like a drunk-ass Audrey Hepburn.

Every mom needs a secret luxury wine purse. Just think of all the opportunities to use this! Sporting events, school plays, play dates, Chuck-E-Cheese. If you buy me this secret luxury wine purse, I will be your best friend. I will come to your birthday party! I will even bring wine, but nobody will know because I will bring it in my secret luxury wine purse.

Check it out in action here from Delish:


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