Teen Mom’s Mackenzie McKee Mom-Shamed For Late-Night Snapchat

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Mackenzie McKee mom-shamed

Instagram / Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee from Teen Mom should be celebrating her second engagement to baby daddy of three, Josh McKee, but instead internet trolls are dragging the 16 & Pregnant alum for keeping her kids up late on a school night and for the “inappropriate” picture she posted of her children.

“Mackenzie has no shame in her lack of parenting,” a Reddit user posted alongside a screenshot of her Snapchat Story, which showed her three kids, Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs wide-awake at 11 PM on a Monday night. The photo was captioned, “My current life situation at 11:00 pm on a school night.” One person responded, “I’ll bet their teachers appreciate those kids being up so late,” and another wrote, “2019 is a time where [sic] sh*tty moms can act like their lack of parenting is funny.”

Mackenzie has no shame in her lack of parenting. from r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

The fact that the kids were also photo’d in their boxers was a source of controversy, with a top response that read, “I can’t think of any good reason to post pictures of my kids in their underwear. I don’t even post diaper pics of my 1 yr old [sic]. These kids are WAY too old for this.” The kids are eight, five, and three.

Overall, the Reddit thread was flogged with comments like, “You want to brag about your sh*tty parenting … at least put some clothes on your kids first,” and “I feel like she never wanted to actually be a mother.”

Regardless of how you feel about posting partially-nude pictures of your children on the internet (which we agree is probably not the best idea), haven’t we learned by now that calling someone a bad mom is never okay?

This is not the only drama happening in the world of Teen Mom stars. Gary Shirley recently told his ex Amber Portwood to get off social media, Jenelle Evans is allegedly making a case to rejoin the series, and newcomer Jade Cline is facing eviction from her apartment! This franchise is MTV’s biggest sh*tshow… and we’re including Ex on The Beach and Jersey Shore in that ranking, which is saying something.