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Pregnant Teen Body-Shamed for Having Small Baby Bump

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We live in a world where body-shaming is almost second nature – and that is not okay. Sometimes it’s so bad, pregnant women are shamed for their bump size. There is no “right” way to look when you’re pregnant. One pregnant teen has been making waves as she brings awareness to pregnancy body shamming.

The pregnant teen in question, Reanna Stephens, is 18-years-old and six-months pregnant.

Naturally, she shares photos of her pregnancy journey on her social media accounts to update family and friends. However, her photos have also brought in a slew of criticism.

Turns out, Reanna has a small baby bump. She is a thin, fit, vegan girl going through her first pregnancy, so it makes sense that she would have a particularly small bump. But, it seems that the internet isn’t having any of it. Countless people have commented on her posts, shamming her for being so small. Some criticize her health and how it might be affecting the baby. Others accuse her of faking her pregnancy.

“People have asked me: ‘You’re not faking your pregnancy, are you?’ ‘Are you sure your baby is healthy?’ as well as people telling me I need to eat more and see a doctor in case I starve my child,” she said according to Romper. “I have also been told that I shouldn’t be having a baby if I can’t feed myself.”

I’ll say it again for the people in the back – there is NO “RIGHT” WAY to look when you’re pregnant!

Both Reanna and her doctors attribute her small bump to her lifestyle, genetics, and the fact that this is her first child. Reanna is very fit. She has admitted that she has done mixed martial arts for the past six years, and currently stays active with cardio and yoga. What’s more, her mother also had a small bump when she was pregnant – and had to deal with criticisms just like Reanna. Other members of the “small bump” club include Khloe Kardashian and Kate Middleton.

Luckily, there are good people out there. Reanna is bringing so much attention to pregnancy body-shaming, people are opening up to her about their own small bumps. So, for once, instead of shaming, can we please just support each other?

Reanna, your bump is beautiful. Congratulations!

(Image: Instagram/@sunflowerhazee)