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Josh Duggar Made A Thanksgiving Propaganda Video And It’s Every Bit As Nauseating As You Would Imagine

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Well, Duggar hate-fans- now that 19 Kids and Counting is done for the season, we have to get our Duggar fix in other ways and it’s as though Josh Duggar (aka, The Paunch) heard our cries! In honor of Thanksgiving, he released a super creepy infomercial-pseudo-political-propaganda nightmare expressing his gratitude for the election victories achieved this year that will limit the rights of others. Blessed, indeed.

Before we go any further, please behold this ridiculous video. It is less than five minutes and very worth the watch. I am endlessly fascinated by these people and their quest to quell the rights of others in the name of their own beliefs. They really have a huge set of brass balls, eh?

[youtube_iframe id=”fEfsDoq6SqY”]

Hopefully, you have recovered and are done picking up your jaw off the floor so we can have some real talk about this atrocity. Is the schmaltzy family vibe supposed to help us forget that he wants to suppress the rights of others? Is the exploitation of his (admittedly adorable) little ones meant to make all of that hate easier to swallow? What about the ‘Murica tour he takes them on, showcasing the various points of interest in our nation’s capital? It’s like he’s trying to serve us some misogyny and oppression with a big slice of apple pie to disguise it’s bitter taste. It might work for those who already agree with him but for you and me, it does nothing to make the awful things he stands for any more palatable. In case you cannot watch, here are some key points to consider from his monologue:

-He is happy with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on prayer and the Hobby Lobby verdict. Of course he is.

-He is glad that Amendment 1 passed in Tennessee because it protects women and unborn children. How does it protect women, exactly? By making it even harder to obtain a safe abortion within their own state lines? Women must feel very secure and protected, not at all trapped and terrified.

-He is thankful for how the elections went this year with eight senate seat pick-ups, 12 in the house and two governorships that he helped campaign for.

Anna notes that “Praise Be To God” is written on the Washington Monument. I guess to make their point that religion has a place in our nation’s politics? Whatever.

The video ends with the happy family getting out of their car and walking toward the Capitol Building. It’s all so obviously staged and scripted, which makes it kind of entertaining, but I am truly terrified that this man is in a position to help others achieve the terrible goal of limiting the rights of women and pushing their religious beliefs on those who do not agree. I am starting to come around to the side of those who believe their show should be canceled. As much as I love to poke fun at how ridiculous the Duggars can be, the fact is, he would never be in this position without his reality show fame and now, he is able to use his influence for what I believe to be true evil. That no longer sits right with me and I believe he must be stopped.

Image: (Josh Duggar Twitter)