Twitter Can’t Handle Gordon Ramsey Actually Complimenting Someone’s Food

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TV’s meanest chef, Gordon Ramsey, is famous for being an awful jerk to anyone who dares cook food in his presence. Still, some people insist on tweeting pictures of food at him, as if they expect him to do anything other than insult the meal they slaved over. I don’t understand willingly setting myself up to get dragged but Ramsey’s followers love it when he slams someone’s overcooked steak or dry eggs, so what do I know?

I'd still eat it

He literally has dozens of tweets like this, just tearing up people’s food.

gordon ramsey doesn't like this

Obviously knowing his history, a woman Bridgett (aka @b_rabbit_jax on Twitter) still decided to send Ramsey a picture of her boyfriend’s skillet pork loin.

that looks goooood

image: Twitter / @b_rabbit_jax

I can practically smell that through the screen and I WANT IT.

STUNNINGLY, Ramsey actually had something nice to say about the pork loin.

Gordon said something nice!

Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed he was capable of it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

Since Ramsey’s fans are used to him comparing food to dog shit, they were understandably shook by the nice words.



holy shit a compliment

Gordon Ramsey said something nice


Even Bridgett was stunned:

Does your boyfriend know about this


Several people on Twitter told Bridgett she should invite Ramsey to her wedding. Why, so he can bash her dress, the food, the decor, and the cake? I don’t think so. That’s what Mother-in-Laws are for.

(Image: Instagram / @gordongram; Twitter / @iamrobbiebanks)